Polytechnic Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

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  • Course Duration
    3 years
  • Approved by
    AICTE, New Delhi
  • Affiliated to
    MSBTE, Mumbai
  • This Diploma Electrical Engineering course basically deals with the power used for lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration and operating home appliances, control systems, electronics, and signal processing.
  • The study and application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics to process information and transmit energy is known as electrical engineering.
  • The Diploma in Electrical Engineering course mainly focuses on electrical elements and devices which are used to generate electricity from different methods such as Windmills, Nuclear power plants.
  • In each semester the candidate will study the different subjects that teach analytical, technical and design skills. Electrical engineering enables students to comprehend the many applications of electricity and electronics.

Overview of Department

Considered one of the core branches of engineering, electrical engineering is an established and crucial branch dealing with electrical technology. Electrical engineers work on a range of devices, systems, and electrical components. They work on large power station generators and tiny microchips. George Westinghouse (alternating current), Guglielmo Marconi (radio), and Thomas Edison (electric bulb) are some of the significant pioneers of electrical engineering. The field of electrical engineering has developed tremendously and is categorized into different specializations like transmission systems, batteries, power generation, control systems, and motors, which have separately categorized into specializations of their own. With immense job opportunities and studying options to offer, Diploma in Electrical Engineering can be considered an excellent choice for those aspiring to build a career in this field.


  • The Department of department has well qualified and dedicated faculty.
  • All the laboratories are as per the curriculum and are established on par with state of art technology.
  • Testing facilities are available to carry out the routine tests for various equipment’s is available.
  • Excellent central library including separate department library and computing, Internet facilities are available in excess of the norms stipulated.
  • Mechanism is available for direct mentoring of students by faculty, interacting with students, and directing them to upgrade their skills.