About Research & Development Cell

About Research & Development Cell

The Research & Development (R & D) Cell of Yashoda Technical Campus, Satara , facilitates and encourages research culture among the faculty and students. Its prime role is to create contacts with the real world and promote research through a range of publications. It enables a congenial environment for technological development and monitors the research activities of the college. The R&D Cell takes upon the responsibility of creating a work place to attract the best talent and strives continuously in pooling of skills and internal resources, creating strategy, overcoming limitations, and makes the College proud to be amongst the best institutions around the Globe. The R&D Cell aims to reach the Vision and Mission of the college and it is active since 2017. The publication statistics and citations are creditworthy. Obtaining patents is its one of the priority. The R& D cell goal for this academic year is r around 40 projects patents filling and copy rights.

Functions of Research & Development cell

  • Identification of thrust areas of research in each department
  • Advise and encourage the faculty to carry out research in-house and in collaboration with other organizations
  • Visit various departments and meet the faculty to encourage and motivate them to undertake research projects and to scrutinize the proposals before submitting to funding agencies
  • Identification of physical and human resources to carryout research
  • Identify the budgetary requirements and resources for funding the research
  • Review the progress of research and offer necessary guidance whenever required
  • Monitor and propose the funding from college budget for promotion of research activities
  • Identify different organizations/ industries to undertake collaborative research on current topics of mutual interest

Additional Duties of Research & Development Cell

  • Scrutinize minor and major research project proposals for submission to funding organizations such as UGC, AICTE, DST, DRDO etc.
  • Monitor and assess the progress of sponsored research projects.
  • Review and monitor academic progress of candidates registered for candidates .
  • Advise and arrange Seminars / Conferences / Workshops.
  • Promote and encourage interdisciplinary research.
  • Establish technology incubation centers/ Research centers / Centers of excellence.
  • Advise the faculty and find the suitability of research results for journal publication/ patenting/ product generation/ solve societal problems.
  • Encourage young faculty members to register for Ph. D. in the College or at various reputed academic institutes